The international volunteer program provide to a lot of young people the necessary training to perform daily as a social volunteer in a foreign country. Volunteers take part in this international program all year-round through literacy workshop and emergency actions like helping children at risk of social exclusion.


Te inicias en el voluntariado por alguna razón, porque algo “te conmueve” y toca tu fibra más sensible, pero llega un momento en que ese «sentimiento” tiene que pasar a algo más profundo y surge el “QUIERO SER VOLUNTARIO”.

It is a time of our live where we discover a totally different world, we experience unforgettable and incredible moments. We learn to grow, to share, to treasure, to broaden our horizon, to participate, and to understand that each person has his own story.

Volunteering in Trujillo


To become a volunteer, you need :

  • To be at least 18 years old.
  • To be able to speak basic Spanish.
  • To be sensitive to problems touching marginal urban communities.
  • To be responsibly involved in the activities as a volunteer, complying with the schedule and assigned tasks.
  • To be able to work as a team.
  • And finally to be extremely motivated to collaborate.

Volunteer work

Educative project - in the morning or the afternoon

Days : Monday to Friday

Shift : Morning or Afternoon

Morning Time : 8 am to 13 pm

Afternoon Time : 15 pm to 17.30 pm ( we not only help children from Hilo Rojo but also children from public school)

  • Work with children, personalize the class, observe the learning limitation of each child to better help them.
  • Explain and help children with their homework.
  • If you feel ready, you can give a class to children in coordination with the classroom teacher.
  • Prepare and do workshop in the classroom.

The volunteer activities are as followed : play and do sport with kids, reading and writing exercise, mathematics, science, etc. You will pass time teaching the kids while giving them leisure time as well in a healthy and safe environment.

Por las tardes -Proyecto:»visitar a las familias de los niños”

  • Make families more aware of the importance of education for the future of their children.
  • It's a way to know more about the reality of children coming to Hilo Rojo and working directly with families..

Financial contribution from volunteers :

Hilo Rojo, is a peruvian non profit organization that doesn't receive any kind of grants or foreign and local financial help. That's why, we finance the program through contributions from international volunteer.

We are asking for a daily financial contribution : contribución :

Daily 8 euros. This contribution includes the following :. Esta contribución incluye:

  • housing during your time in Trujillo from Monday to Sunday
  • Three meals a day from Monday to Friday
  • Pick-up at Trujillo airport or the bus station

You must pay your stay 2 days after arriving in Trujillo.

Convert your money :

You can check the conversion rate by clicking here

Note : Minimum 2 week stay

How to pay? You must pay your stay the first 2 days after your arrival so that you can be more clear about our work. We are looking for volunteers who can get involved in the project and feel useful and comfortable to work with us. You can pay in euros, dollars, or soles (Peruvian money).

Important :

Although the word "help" doesn't mean that the volunteer should do the homework of the child, his role is to facilitate the different tools and support indirectly the child so that he can study by himself. The children should be aware of the type of exercises and how to do it. The volunteers helps the children with the different exercises and give them reinforcement in reading, writing, mathematics and sciences. However, they are not only in charge of the educational part of the project. They are also proposing, organizing and creating curricular and extracurricular activities to improve the children development.

We believe that every volunteers have something to bring and we are always open to new ideas. Every grain of sand that you can offer can bring a big change

It is necessary that you confirm your participation as soon as possible, at least 1 month before, so that we can guaranty your place in the project and offer you all the information that you will need. You can also find more information on our website. We hope that you find it interesting and that we can collaborate with you to make your experience unique.

Coordination with the volunteer

We coordinate directly with persons interested in our project by mail, phone or skype. Our volunteer coordinators will answer to all of your questions and give you all the information that you can't find in our website.

Hilo Rojo is a registered Peruvian NGO. REGISTRATION NUMBER : 11215695

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