About us

Hilo Rojo is a non profit organization who values team work and cooperation. We are a team of Peruvian and international volunteers committed in developing education through the perspective of different cultures. We want to apply our set of skills and knowledge to help the vulnerable population living in Esperanza disctrict in Trujillo, Peru.

Hilo Rojo (registration number : N11215695) is registered as a non profit organization without any political and religious affiliations. PARTIDA REGISTRAL N11215695


Create projects and initiatives toward abandoned and vulnerable communities.

Our objectives

  • Social participation : involve people to find solutions to problems through dialogues and cultural exchange.
  • Social awareness : Make people, in particular youth, more aware of what they can bring to their communities.
  • Compromise : Encourage each region to back up local initiatives to mitigate social deprivation.
  • Development according to human dignity : promote human dignity culturally and ethically, particularly equality of opportunities between men and women and child rights.
  • Solidarity : Create a caring society and drive solidarity between citizens and vulnerable people like children.

Rosmery Cruz Caballero

Founder and President

Teacher with a high social awareness. Her experience as a kid teacher in the poorest areas of marginal neighborhoods allows her to observe from really close the reality of each of them and the consequences of a child not going to school. She believes that she can help improve the situation bring change to those neighborhoods and bring change.

E-mail : rosmery@hilorojo.org

Edward Rosario

Co-founder and Project Director

From a young age, Edward has always been participating in social project, collaborating with shelter houses, associations, youth groups and Red Cross. Those activities made him more sensitive to marginal settlements.

E-mail : edward@hilorojo.org

Esperanza Collado

Coordinadora General

Diplomada en Educación Social y una apasionada de viajar y conocer diferentes culturas. He desarrollado mi trayectoria profesional en diversos ámbitos del sector socio-comunitario tales Programas de Educación Familiar, Centros de Atención a Personas Sin Hogar, ONG´s Internacionales y Asociaciones de Apoyo a la Salud Mental en España, Reino Unido y Perú. Agradecida de poder estar inmersa en esta nueva aventura que presenta Hilo Rojo, en la cual cada día es una nueva oportunidad para aprender de sus protagonistas: los niños, las familias y los voluntarios.

E-mail :  info@hilorojo.org

Hilo Rojo is a registered Peruvian NGO. REGISTRATION NUMBER : 11215695

E-mail: info@hilorojo.org
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