Children that don't go to school

We work with children who have never gone to school, have left school for financial reasons, have been abandoned or have to work to help their family.

The project's objective is to make them integrate a public school so that we can mitigate child illiteracy and social inequalities in the area where we take actions. At the end of the process, we hope that children, young people, parents ant teachers can be an example for the next children who will come to Hilo Rojo.

To achieve this objective, we want to improve not only problems related to nutrition, but also the complete development of vulnerable children. Moreover, we also want to provide them with the basic knowledge to go to public school.

Important activities to achieve those objectives are the following : the creation of an alternative education system, teach about everything, control the family situation of underage children.

School reinforcement - Sponsored Children

We work with children in and outside the classroom by providing them curricular and extracurricular activities in the afternoon. We believe that working closely with the educative system and public educative institutions is one way to bring change.

Most of our children are not motivated to work at home because their parents can read and write, are working all day and are not present at home.

Hilo Rojo is a registered Peruvian NGO. REGISTRATION NUMBER : 11215695

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