Family Program

We work with families and parents that never went to school, preventing to help their children with school homework.

We believe that families are the foundation to make a real change for the kid.

A lot of the women are single mothers, heads of the family, who didn't finish primary school and who sometimes had suffered psychological and physical abuses from their husbands or relatives. That's why they can't find a stable job which could allow them to give a good education and a decent life to their children.

They are putting a lot of efforts to help with our project even though they need to go out to find work every day.

General issue :

The index of social problems in some of Trujillo districts is high and is one of the reasons why kids and young people are abandoning school and exposed to crime. A high rate of teenage pregnancy and illiteracy among adults are also other issues that we have to tackle since it has a direct impact on children education.

We believe that we can educate children by also providing education to parents. Educated parents will improve children's self esteem and give them more motivation.

That's why Hilo Rojo created this program to bring attention to the younger and prevent them to get involve with young criminal bands.

Hilo Rojo is a registered Peruvian NGO. REGISTRATION NUMBER : 11215695

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