Running water in the school

Out of hygienic & health reasons we need running water in the school.

Situation now:

We do have three water tanks in the school. These are filled in two ways.

  1. The mothers of the kids bring buckets of water
  2. Sometimes we are able to connect a hose to a neighbor’s house and fill up the tanks.

Then we fill buckets again with which we are flushing the toilets and where the kids can wash their hands. Also the kids are drinking this water out of the tanks which we try to keep clean. Sadly we often got sick children in our school as well with diarrhea, fever or just a simple cold and with the water situation we struggle to keep things hygienic.


We have the plan for a running water system so that we are able to flush the toilets and fill the sinks.

To realize this project we are in need of: $1.230

You want to help us and donate some money to realize the project? Please contact us at so that we can provide you with our bank details and info.

Thank you very much! With your donation we will create a brighter future for the children of Hilo Rojo.

Hilo Rojo is a registered Peruvian NGO. REGISTRATION NUMBER : 11215695

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